Ringless Voicemail Drop

Ringless Voicemail Drops: Legal or Not?

Ringless voicemail drops have increasingly become popular with collection agencies and telemarketers in the last couple of years. It generates mixed reactions from people as there are people who see it as an invasion of their privacy, while others have no problem with the technology.   But, What Exactly Is A Ringless Voicemail Drop? A…


What’s new at Nectar Desk

  Hey guys! Welcome to our Newsletter. Today we’ve prepared for you a few features we have released recently and we are glad to present you a short overview so you could find those, which could be the most efficient for you. Here we go! Activities Need to call back the client in a few…


Sales Hack –>> Local Presence – How a Simple feature can Increase your outbound successful call rate by 400%

  Indeed there is a simple feature that has the potential of increasing your answering rate for outbound calls by 400%. That feature is a Local Presence which normally is a part of advanced phone systems focused on Sales Teams. What Exactly Is Local Presence? Local presence refers to a system that enables inside sales…