Nectar Desk CRM

Nectar Desk CRM will help you to build really strong relationships with your customers.

We use a special technology that allows you to manage your contacts inside and outside your organization with ease. Nectar Desk CRM is a great built-in database right in your account with no need to use any third-party apps. Our solution provides secure collection and storage of all the required information about your clients. You will get a comprehensive overview of the prospect and customer data thanks to the Nectar Desk advanced features.

Nectar Desk contact database is a useful choice to improve the efficiency of your call center. You work smarter and save more time due to the automation of all processes related to your clients and prospects. Our solution will bring you much more opportunities to grow your business.

Nectar Desk CRM

What Do Users Get With Nectar Desk CRM?

The Nectar Desk CRM is a perfect database in the cloud that can be used for all spheres of business without any technical requirements except internet access. It is based upon the following major feature types: setup features, call handling, contact center features as well as analytics and monitoring.

Nectar Desk CRM includes all kinds of information:

– the contact’s full name, phone number, and email address
– the date when the contact was added to CRM
– the tag with information that helps to describe the result
– the name of the organization your client belongs to
– the deal your client is associated with

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