Nectar Desk CRM

The Nectar Desk CRM is a perfect database in the cloud that can be used for all spheres of business without any technical requirements. It is based upon the following major feature types: setup features, call handling, contact center features as well as analytics and monitoring.

CRM Integration

Nectar Desk CRM System That
Boosts Agent Productivity in Your Call Center

User-friendly Interface &
Advanced Analytics

The Nectar Desk system collects all information about customers and categorizes it. Then your agents can analyze these data and efficiently deliver impeccable experience.

Omnichannel Solutions &
Powerful Integrations

Manage contact data from all communication channels under one place. You can also boost interactions due to extensive integrations that connect with your account.

Data Security &
Cloud-Based System

Nectar Desk CRM is a great built-in database right in your account with no need to use any third-party apps. Our solution provides secure storage of all information about your clients.

Powerful alone,
but even better with:

Extend Opportunities for Development with Nectar Desk CRM

Work smarter and save more time due to the automation of all processes related to your clients and prospects.

Create Deep Connections with Your Customers

Nectar Desk CRM system allows to collect contact details such as full name, phone number, email, and date of addition, along with options to add tags, organization names, and associated deals for clients. Thanks to it, you have valuable insights into customer preferences and what communication channel to choose for efficient interactions.

CRM Integration
CRM Integration

Maximize Efficiency with Advanced CRM Functionalities

Nectar Desk enhances users to have all the tools for efficient working performance and delivering impeccable service. We offer you a great call center CRM solution with contact lists, calling campaigns, activities as well as custom fields. You can import new contacts lists saving full data about them. See your import results in reporting due to advanced analytics. Monitor the first response time of every agent and manage the abandoned call rate in a few clicks.

Starting with Nectar Desk is

easy, fast and free

✓ Free for 7 days, no credit card required, all the functionality included.