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Nectar Desk + ActiveCampaign

Best Phone System and Call Center Software for ActiveCampaign

Nectar Desk is a reliable and up-to-date SaaS solution for handling inbound and outbound calls with a set of useful features for reporting and analytics. We deliver comprehensive call center software that can be set up in minutes and will be a great integration to your ActiveCampaign account.

The integration takes only a few clicks and provides you with an avalanche of new possibilities to improve your customer service and outcomes. Scroll down and learn more about how to take your call center to the next level together with Nectar Desk and ActiveCampaign integration.

ActiveCampaign+ Nectar Desk
ActiveCampaign+ Nectar Desk

Full contact center functionality inside ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing automation platform that gives businesses of all sizes access to 500+ pre-built automation that combine email marketing, and marketing automation. It also provides CRM for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text. 

Thanks to the integration with Nectar Desk, the ActiveCampaign users boost their work productivity and perform more efficiently.

Log Calls, Dispositions, and Call Recording URL

Due to Nectar Desk integration with ActiveCampaign, all calls will be automatically logged in ActiveCampaign as notes for that customer. Then you can find all the details of the call. Additionally, if there is a disposition or notes saved, you’ll find them in the details too. The option gives access to call logs to see the call direction, result, contact phone number, your number in Nectar Desk account, the agent who was responsible for the call, time and date when the call was initiated, its duration, and call recording URL.  There is also an option to make calls to your customers worldwide directly from your ActiveCampaign account.

ActiveCampaign+ Nectar Desk
ActiveCampaign+ Nectar Desk

Log SMS with the Text of the Message

The system will also automatically log all SMS with ActiveCampaign in your Nectar Desk account. In the logged SMS you’ll see the direction of the SMS (inbound/outbound), the message itself, the agent who handled it, and when.

Numbers in ActiveCampaign will be highlighted with the buttons ‘SMS’. You can start sending SMS directly from ActiveCampaign and everything will be logged in both accounts. Everything works in order to save your time and make your work more convenient.

Create Actions in ActiveCampaign Directly From the Nectar Desk Dial Pad

Nectar Desk and ActiveCampaign integration will crucially simplify your working performance. You will get much more functions with ActiveCampaign directly in your Nectar Desk account. There are options to create contacts, deals, notes as well as tags on the dial pad.

All information will be automatically synchronized on both platforms. Our integration provides you with all tools to work conveniently and track your progress.

ActiveCampaign+ Nectar Desk

Integrate Nectar Desk with ActiveCampaign Right Now

Nectar Desk tries hard to be the best software for its customers who are using ActiveCampaign and is proud to present to you our common integration!

You can significantly improve your working performance just in a few clicks. There are numerous options to sync contacts, log calls, access to recording in ActiveCampaign automatically under contacts, create outbound calling campaigns, deals right in the Nectar Desk interface, and much more. Thanks to Nectar Desk integration with ActiveCampaign, it is easy to log your call and SMS details into the CRM to keep all agents’ activity under control.

Ready to install?

Watch the video and find out how to integrate your ActiveCampaign with the Nectar Desk account.

Get this integration and 50+ features for just $50 per month!


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