Receive Deep Insights

Nectar Desk Call Analytics Software provides straightforward and speedy access to the required reports in order to scale best staff performance and evaluate the stats of the Call Center. Hence giving you workplace insights that will help enhance workflow and productivity.

View the real-time and stored Call data, assess your center’s merits and flaws, get an insightful perspective, share achievements with the board and solve issues instantly.

This Call Analytics Software includes various leading features such as report patterning, data categorization, information columns, systemizing, filtering and organized timescales.

Reports of the call monitoring fit your particular requirements and provide access to the foremost pertinent data, needed to make critical decisions for the improvement of the Call Center processes.

Analysis done by this software incorporates parameters like key performance indicators (KPIs), which help management to efficiently learn about the level of Call Center productiveness, control operators, and queues, and identify how to speed up work according to varying circumstances.

Nectar Desk Call Analytics empowers key figures on current statistics as operators, queues, lists, and procedures.

Stored Data Reporting

Get insights at the own Contact Center, Even if statistics was stored times ago, you can always monitor this data, share it with colleagues or management with the help of time for reports distribution.

Real-Time Analytics

Watch and track the work of your Call Center, control operators, and queues. It will allow you to evaluate the efficiency level of your center and you can identify when productivity must be increased to meet certain circumstantial demands.