Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk + Pipedrive

VOIP Phone System + SMS for Pipedrive CRM
Perform Call and SMS activity directly in Pipedrive

Click to Call – make calls straight from Pipedrive interface using Nectar Desk Chrome extension

Click to SMS – send SMS text messages from Pipedrive interface using Nectar Desk Chrome extension

Screen pop with Contact and Deal information retrieved from Pipedrive

Automatically log every call and sms associated with Pipedrive Deal or Contact

Log different type of calls as a Custom Activity into Pipedrive. No calls are the same. Record Unanswered calls separately from Answered, Voicemail etc and be able to run proper reports in Pipedrive

Automatically distribute incoming call based on Contact Ownership in Pipedrive

Pipedrive Forms – make sure that Sales Rep fills in all required Pipedrive fields during the call
Custom Workflow projects – talk to us, we love to customize towards your needs

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Easily integrate Pipedrive with Nectar Desk

Get this integration and 50+ features for just $50 per month!


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