Call Center Dialers

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The dialer is an important part of the call center.
Nectar Desk offers you the top three best solutions to improve your business.
Let’s find out more about each one.

Calling Campaign

Calling Campaigns are used to initiate calls based on a contact list. We provide our customers with two dialing methods: auto-dialing and manual dialing.

Choosing autodialer, once you start a campaign, Nectar Desk will start dialing the numbers automatically.

Manual dialing is convenient in Nectar Desk as you do not need to enter the number, but only manually press on ‘dial’ button.

We also have email templates which are useful in case you need to send an email during a Campaign but don’t want to type messages manually for every contact.

To start a Calling Campaign, you need to follow a few simple steps. Name your campaign, select the contact list, and email template if needed, choose the outbound number in case you have more than one, enable a call script (if you need it), and set up the rest due to your use case.

Also, it’s possible to block calls for chosen dispositions. The system won’t let you dial a contact with particular dispositions from the last call made to that contact.

During the campaign, you can edit contact details if needed, add notes and see notes you’ve added during previous campaigns. It’s possible to pause the campaign or end it at any time.

You can be the only agent who runs the campaign or there can be multiple agents initiating it at the same time. Our system won’t display the contacts you’ve already dialed to other agents so there won’t be any mess up.

Moreover, there is a ‘Reports’ button, where you can see total contacts dialed, agents involved in the campaign, total talk time, campaign duration, the amount of successful and failed calls, call rejected by clients and by agents. There is also a Disposition report.

Automated Campaign

Automated Call Campaigns have long been a popular lead generation tactic, primarily because they create their own content that in turn can be used for inbound marketing,  lead generation and can help you handle more calls without the live agents available and gather the information that you can further use for your business growth.

Nectar Desk Automated Call Campaigns often serve to identify qualified leads based on a prospect’s answers to certain questions. These answers can, in turn, be analyzed with the help of the Nectar Desk report, which can be easily uploaded to your PC once the campaign initiated. 

Predictive Dialer

You can set up Nectar Desk Predictive Dialer within Automated Call Campaigns. It ensures no time is wasted. This dialing process begins before any agent is available to take a call. The goal is to avoid “idle time” spent listening to phones ring, leaving voicemails, and hanging up unanswered calls.

Additionally, the dialer depends on voicemail detection to appropriately handle calls. Our systems study pauses, opening phrases, and other common conversation traits to either assign a call to a representative or leave a voicemail.

Nectar Desk Predictive Dialer will automatically dial your contacts from the list only in case there is an agent available so that your customers could be connected with the live agent to discuss their questions.

The number of concurrent calls per every available agent is important for all campaigns so our system will dial multiple numbers at the same time to ensure maximum agent utilization.

The Predictive Dialer is a better solution for large teams aiming for volume over personalization.

All these Dialers are accessible on Nectar Desk for your call center.

    They are understandable and easy to use.    ◀
▶    You can try Calling Campaign, Automated Campaign, and Predictive Dialer and then choose the best one for you.   
▶   Also, it’s possible to vary them in your business.   

With the help of the Nectar Desk, you can reach your customers effectively and easily.