Call Center Ticketing System​

Nectar Desk provides an out-of-the-box ticketing solution. Now support and sales representatives can easily manage emails under a single interface and deliver personalized answers to their questions anytime.

Ticketing System

Nectar Desk Ticketing System That
Boosts Agent Productivity in Your Call Center

User-friendly Interface &
Advanced Analytics

The Nectar Desk system directs all emails, categorizes, prioritizes, and assigns them to rights agents based on predefined criteria. Then your agents can analyze these tickets and efficiently deliver solutions for issues.

Omnichannel Solutions &
Powerful Integrations

Efficiently manage your emails with other communication channels under one single place. You can boost your email capabilities due to extensive integrations that connect with CRM, ERP and marketing tools.

Data Security &
Cloud-Based System

Nectar Desk is a ticketing solution that securely stores the email threads in the database, allowing organizations to easily access the required conversation, no matter how long it was initiated.

Powerful alone,
but even better with:

Powerful Cloud-Based Ticketing System by Nectar Desk

Ticketing System that is diligently designed for efficient ticket resolution, employee satisfaction, and a high level of agents’ productivity.

Simplify interactions between your agents and customers

Improve the efficiency of your support team with the Nectar Desk Ticketing System. Our platform enables email interaction with attachments such as images, files (e.g. PDFs), locations, videos, and weblinks. Moreover, canned responses optimize and boost communication. Due to a single interface, you can have access to a centralized storage system with customer data, ticket statuses, priorities, tags, and labels.

Ticketing System
Ticketing System

Easily monitor and get reports to track agents’ activities

Our Ticketing Tool allows supervisors to track and manage key performance indicators, including call volumes and rates, first call resolutions (FCRs), and the success of upselling campaigns. You can develop ad hoc and long-term strategies due to comprehensive analytics. In that way, elevate the customer support experience to a new stage, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.

Automate working performance to take your call centre to the next level

The Nectar Desk Ticketing Solution automates routine administrative tasks associated with processing incoming cases. This automation provides your customer support team with additional time to focus on addressing and resolving tickets promptly. Agents can manage email communication within their accounts, as our сall сenter ticketing software integrates with email inbox (such as Gmail), automatically converting incoming emails into tickets.

Ticketing System

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