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Nectar Desk Live Chat feature is the best way to provide live customer service support. It’s possible to embed this function to your website and chat with its visitors 24/7 – there is no need to use additional services and pay extra. 

Let’s find out the benefits of Nectar Desk Live Chat.

What you can do with Live Chat

Nectar Desk Live Chat is fully customizable.

It’s possible to change your chat window title when the agents are available as well as when the option is inactive;

You can also create your welcome messages which will be displayed once the website visitor is starting the conversation;

Chat window title text color, chat window color itself, and chat icon color are fully customizable as well – it’s possible to choose the colors that will match your website style best and enable or disable the auto-open chat window;

It’s possible to add the attachments via the Nectar Desk Live chat. Both agents and website visitors can add different attachments (doc., CSV. files, images, audio, etc.) while using our Live chat. Also, there is an ability to download the file on a PC with just a click;

It’s also possible to schedule the callback – your customer may select the needed timezone and date&time when he/she is available for a call;

You can set up canned responses for the Live Chat, which will simplify the way you handle your chats with clients;

It’s possible to set up and select disposition codes for your conversations. The disposition code is a kind of note the agent leaves after the call or SMS which usually stands for the result of the conversation;

Also, it’s possible to measure visitor satisfaction with the Nectar Desk Live Chat rating. Visitors can rate a chat as either bad, poor, fair, good, or excellent after the chat session;

You can export all the Live chat data as a CSV file to your PC.

Nectar Desk cares about your time and convenience.
And all these functions are excellent proof of that.
Our Live Chat feature is understandable and easy to use.