Nectar Desk + Zingtree

Enhanced Call Center Software by Agents Scripting Capability

Nectar Desk delivers comprehensive call center software that can be set up in minutes and will be a great integration to your Zingtree account.

The integration will improve your customer service and outcomes. Scroll down and take your call center to the next level together with Nectar Desk and Zingtree integration.

Zingtree integration

Keep all your customer data in one single database.

Sync contact information and call logs automatically.

Forget about always switching between different tabs.

Track customer interactions with advanced analytics.

Full Contact Center Functionality Inside Zingtree.

Zingtree is an online toolkit for creating interactive decision trees and troubleshooters, which empowers companies to give their customers a quick, efficient way of getting answers quickly. There are great options to create, deploy, and analyze scripts and decision trees fast for the agents in your call center. Thanks to the integration with Nectar Desk, the Zingtree users boost their work productivity and perform much more efficiently.

Zingtree integration

Easily Integrate Your Zingtree Accounts

You don’t need to download many applications. All you need are existing accounts in Nectar Desk and Zingtree. Additionally, integration takes just a few minutes using the API. Our friendly support team is ready to help you at each stage, so you can get the best from these platforms.

Get a Tree With a Script at Screen Pop

You can create decision trees with scripts in your Zingtree account. They will pop up during calls in Nectar Desk, helping your agents perform better. You can also easily create your own scripts as many as you need. To tell Nectar Desk which tree to show during an inbound call, simply attach a phone number (DID) as a tag to the specific tree.

Zingtree integration

Take Your Call Center to the Next Level with Nectar Desk Integrations

You can get your Nectar Desk account with 50+ features & integrations for just $50 per month!

We don`t charge any extra payment for integrations or additional features.