WhatsApp Integration

The world’s most popular messenger app built-in to Nectar Desk

Start messaging your customers right now.

Thanks to Nectar Desk Integration with WhatsApp, you can integrate your business WhatsApp account and handle your conversations directly from the Nectar account with the possibility to have calling, SMS, email, and other functionality at hand.


The WhatsApp integration adds new possibilities to your account

Provide customer support and deliver important notifications to clients;

Respond to WhatsApp messages from your Nectar account;

Easily check the status of texts you’ve sent to your customers and see if they were read by the recipients;

Use WhatsApp to send promotions, offers, and campaigns at a scale where open rates are 95% and response rates are 32%, far greater than email;

Send and receive texts, images, files (e.g. PDFs), locations, videos, weblinks, or quick replies on WhatsApp.


Why do Nectar Desk users love WhatsApp?

Billions of people use WhatsApp every day to connect with friends and family.

With our WhatsApp Business solution, you will easily reach 2 billion users all over the world.
Simply create the account with Nectar and connect to your users with our software globally!

Keep the conversation going with tools like automatic messages, WhatsApp templates, and internal notes.

Why do WhatsApp users love Nectar Desk?

Nectar Desk is much more than simply a Call Center Software. We provide our customers with calling, texting, emailing, live chat, and other functionality to help you stay in touch with your clients and grow your sales.

By connecting WhatsApp to Nectar Desk, users unlock numerous messenger features and automation, and receive 24/7 phone call, live chat, and email support.


How to connect WhatsApp?

Our WhatsApp integration is built-in and designed by the Nectar Desk team.
To connect the Business WhatsApp application to your account, please follow the instructions.