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Nectar Desk owes its success to its team members

We at Nectar Desk are inspired by the idea to bring our clients the best service ever, as we love to communicate, find out and solve the problems which our customers are worried about to meet their requirements and continuously improve product quality. We are proud for supplying all industrial businesses with achieving definitely excellent results in sales and increasing customers’ lifetime value and loyalty.

We are a multinational team of comrades, where the opinion of each of our team members is considered and laugh and good spirits are the main source of cohesive and most efficient work.

So, let’s get closer and get acquainted with some of our colleagues.


Jignesh Chauhan


As the Chief Product Officer, I am the architect of Nectar Desk digital vision. Balancing creativity with strategy, I lead the charge in developing our products to meet the evolving needs of our users.


Olga Kalko

Director of Client Operations

At the intersection of technology and satisfaction of Nectar Desk clients, I find my purpose. Building lasting relationships and fostering a culture of exceptional service is at the core of what I do.


Anatoliy Kishchuk

QA Engineer

In the realm of quality assurance, precision is paramount. As a Nectar Desk QA Engineer, I thrive on meticulously testing and fine-tuning software to ensure it meets the highest standards.


Anton Noverko

Lead Developer

From the intricate dance of code to the elegant solutions it creates, I’m passionate about all things tech. With each line I write, I’m driven by the pursuit of excellence, and crafting digital experiences.


Maks Khrystunov


Immersed in the art and science of coding, I revel in the creative process of turning concepts into functional, elegant solutions for Nectar Desk accounts in order to build innovative software

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Pinkesh Modi


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, I thrive on the art and science of coding. As a Nectar Desk Developer, I transform concepts into functional and innovative digital solutions.


Stacy Blade

Customer Support Manager

I am a go-to person for all things support-related here. I lead my great team with a smile and a mission to make an exceptional experience for Nectar Desk clients.


Denys Demyanchuk

Customer Service Representative

I am responsible for processing incoming live chats, tickets and calls, I help in solving all issues related to support for Nectar Desk clients, as well as issues related to sales.


Serhii Kulyk

Customer Service Representative

I embrace the opportunity to be a guiding light for Nectar Desk clients. My main duties are providing exceptional support, answering inquiries, and resolving concerns with a friendly approach.


Mamta Jani

Customer Service Representative

Navigating the intersection of technology and human connection, I embrace my role in our Nectar Desk team with enthusiasm and dedication to provide excellent service for our clients.


Dana Petrenko

Digital Marketing Manager

Once I fell in love with marketing and Nectar Desk on my first day of work. It inspires me to do my best in order to make our clients fall in love with the Nectar Desk solution as well.

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Daryna Kulish

Marketing Coordinator

I am so proud to be a part of the marketing team in the best SaaS company. Creating content and newsletters for Nectar Desk clients makes me admire my job even more.

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Our Commitment:

At Nectar Desk, we’re committed to offering one of the most affordable and complete SaaS solutions for handling inbound and outbound calls with robust reporting and analytics. We believe in making the complex simple, ensuring that setting up your call center software is as easy as a breeze – from acquiring a number to tailoring your agents’ profiles and beyond.

Fueling Success:

We take immense pride in being the go-to choice for businesses across industries, helping them achieve remarkable sales results and foster lasting customer relationships. Our comprehensive call center solution empowers businesses to unlock potential, increase customer lifetime value, and cultivate unwavering loyalty.

Nectar Desk offers you great call center omnichannel software in the cloud.

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