Call Center Help Desk Platform

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Help Desk is a beneficial tool for every business.

Nectar Desk offers a great solution, which allows you to handle calls, respond to emails, SMS, and live chat from one place.

There is no need to install anything, download any software, or worry about upgrades. Our Help Desk solution is a completely cloud-based software.

What you can do with a Help Desk

Call Center Help Desk software is a tool that helps a wide range of customer support activities.

Let’s find out what exactly we can do in Nectar Desk Help Desk.

Multi-channel support to your customers via chat, SMS, phone, and email;

Customize your call distribution system (it’s possible to create as many IVRs as you would like to);

Study, estimate, and monitor all the statistics at any time;

Review call details, follow-ups, and call recordings;

Get Voicemail Recordings & Call Analytics;

Access to past interactions with any customer from a database.

All these options are available on Nectar Desk. Help Desk solution boosts customer satisfaction by guiding callers to the right information or agent every time. You can create limitless IVR menus, prompts, and scripts to route your customers to the right agent.

Why Nectar Desk Help Desk

Through our Help Desk solution, you can introduce to your prospects a cloud-based software, which allows you to respond to emails, answer phone calls and chat with customers from one place. All you need is a connection to the internet and web browser.

From the intuitive dashboard to the use of diversified Help Desk software tools, everything is straightforward. With this software you’ve got everything, you need to build the best customer experience possible.

You can easily start your business with Nectar Desk.
With our software you’ve got everything, you need to build the best customer experience possible.