Call Center Help Desk Platform

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Help Desk is a beneficial tool for each type of business. Nectar Desk offers a great solution, which allows you to handle calls, respond to emails, SMS, and live chat from one single place.

There is no need to install anything, download any software, or worry about upgrades. Our Help Desk solution is a completely cloud-based software with an avalanche of handy features for your call center.

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What You Can Do with Our Call Center Help Desk 

Call Center Help Desk software is a tool that helps a wide range of customer support activities.

Call Center Help Desk Platform

Multi-channel support to your customers via chat, SMS, phone, and email;

The Nectar Desk platform allows you to handle calls, respond to emails, SMS, and live chat from one single place. We offer a comprehensive call center solution that can be set up in minutes from buying a number to customizing your agents and more. It takes only a few clicks to start working with Nectar Desk. You do not need even to install or download anything. All you need is a stable internet connection and a web browser. Once you created an account, you can use multi-channel ways for communication in order to be the best for your customers.

Customize your call distribution system (it’s possible to create as many IVRs as you would like to);

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that provides interaction through the mechanism of people hearing computer voices to select keypad tones matching appropriate situations.

Set up multiple IVR levels with the Nectar Desk Software to ensure your customers will not hang up the phone if all your agents are busy. Let your clients quickly resolve their issues with prepared scripts through a telephone keypad or by speech recognition. Also, you can customize business hours for Interactive Voice Response as prerecording welcome messages or music.

Call Center Help Desk Platform
Call Center Help Desk Platform

Study, estimate, and monitor all the statistics at any time;

With the Nectar Desk solution, you’ll be able to improve your business performance thanks to our Reporting and Monitoring features. It allows observing your call center performance in real-time. You can access the agent activity in order to control the workflow and agent behavior in a few clicks. There is an option to listen to the real-time calls from the main dashboard.

Besides, it is possible to work with Advanced Agent Analytics in order to see the first response time of every agent and manage the abandoned call rate. Everything is totally intuitive and user-friendly with Nectar Desk call center software.

Review call details, follow-ups, and call recordings;

With great Nectar Desk features, call history including each customer’s name can be accessed prior to noting the phone number. This data incorporates every single past call, bolster demands, messages, visits, buys, and notes. The information is aggregated from the greater part of your incorporated business instruments with the goal that you have an overall idea of the customer. Using this relevant customer information, each agent can get access to a well-versed and customized administration experience. It takes just a few clicks to get an overview of all call details in your Nectar Desk account.

Call Center Help Desk Platform

Get Voicemail Recordings & Call Analytics;

Nectar Desk Call Analytics Software enhances straightforward and quick access to the required reports in order to scale the best staff performance and evaluate the performance of your agents. It becomes easy to get workplace insights on how to improve workflow and productivity.

You can view the real-time and stored call data, assess your center’s merits and flaws, get an insightful perspective, share achievements with the board and solve issues instantly. Our platform includes various leading features such as report patterning, data categorization, information columns, systemizing, filtering, and organized timescales.

Access to past interactions with any customer from a database.

The Nectar Desk CRM feature is based in the cloud, so you can handle both inbound and outbound calls easily without any technical requirements except internet access. Thanks to our CRM call center software you will not only get the common features of all call center CRM solutions, but you will also receive important information about your agents’ performance. CRM includes the contact’s full name, phone number, email address, and the date when the contact was added to CRM. You cal also add a tag, the name of the organization your client belongs to as well as the deal your client is associated with.


All these options are available on Nectar Desk. Help Desk solution boosts customer satisfaction by guiding callers to the right information or agent every time. You can create limitless IVR menus, prompts, and scripts to route your customers to the right agent.

Why Nectar Desk Help Desk

Through our Help Desk solution, you can introduce to your prospects a cloud-based platform, which allows you to respond to emails, answer phone calls and chat with customers from one place. All you need is a connection to the internet and a web browser for starting working with the best call canter software on the market. 

From the intuitive dashboard to the use of diversified Help Desk software tools, everything is straightforward. With this software you’ve got everything, you need to build the best customer experience possible. It is high time to boost your business together with our fancy team.

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