Nectar Desk:

a one-stop solution for Travel Agency that connects travelers with tour guides

via multiple communication channels


As a travel agency, you always do your work over the phone. We think you’ll agree the successful travel agencies need robust call center software more than anyone as inbound dialers help to gather information about all sorts of details about the trip. Without a doubt, you will find that Nectar Desk is just that.

Nectar Desk’s interactive voice response (IVR) system and automatic call distribution system make your customer experience easy and productive. Set up your IVR system so that you save time and money for your travel agency.

You can also keep a record of all calls with Nectar Desk’s computer telephony integration technology. Call monitoring and recording have never been easier. And call recordings can be easily retrieved at any time.

Nectar Desk’s analytics will also give you the data to improve your call center operations. Our call analytics dashboard gives you the tools to predict peak call times. Your agents will be better prepared to service inbound dialers with travel needs.

After using Nectar Desk for your travel agency, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Moreover, by choosing Nectar Desk, you’ll have the possibility to handle WhatsApp, Facebook, or SMS messages from your customers from a single interface.

The benefits from Nectar Desk messaging channels

It’s hard to argue that the modern Call Center for travel agencies should be flexible. It should be adopted to different use cases, and travel agencies are not the exception.

Just imagine the traveler near the Tibet mountain ranges who wants to ask where exactly is the hotel he booked. When it’s expensive to call from another part of the world, sending a WhatsApp or Facebook message is an absolutely free and quick way to reach out to the travel guide no matter where he is. And here is where Nectar Desk comes to the rescue.

What else can you get with Nectar Desk?

✔ Numerous Communication Channels

Using Nectar Desk, you’ll get a reliable and cheap way to connect with the tourists via Text Messing, WhatsApp, Facebook, Emails, or Phone.

Choose the communication channel you use the most often or work with all of them simultaneously – we will make sure you’ll keep in touch with your customers with no delays and get their replies once they send them

✔ Multi-Channel Support

By utilizing our dedicated multichannel software, your callers can receive support via phone, email, text, or managed chat. Since you choose the hours in which your dedicated agent works, their day can start when yours ends so that your customers never have to call back during business hours. Our success is your success, and being available over any communication channel makes for very happy customers.

✔ 24/7 Availability

Whether you have customers living or traveling in different time zones or customers with urgent issues after hours, our 24/7 call center is available around the clock to help with any sized request. SAS also does not charge extra to use us after hours, on weekends, or holidays. With Nectar Desk, your front desk is always available. We can book or cancel reservations, schedule appointments, and dispatch escalations around the clock.

Hurry up and choose your perfect Call Center for Travel Agency!