Call Back

Callback from Queue

Increase Callers satisfaction

Don’t let them sit for awhile in a queue with no action

Custom Callback number is optionally available

Advice caller to use Callbacks by announcing waiting time

Nectar Desk Call Center Queue

Nectar Desk enables a liaison to recall a subscriber if the subscriber asks the liaison to do so. This way the subscriber does not have to waste time in the call center queue and instead receive a phone call which will save them time.

The liaisons will not have to hurry through calls and can patiently answer each and every subscriber call. The subscribers will also be happy to receive a genuine and definite answer to their complaints rather than hurried replies.

Less hectic management

Sometimes when calls are coming in at a high rate, queues can be frustrating for the subscribers. Using call center queue feature will allow the callers to go along with their day and receive the call after a liaison is done with their ongoing phone call.

Call Center Queue Saves Abrupt Calls

Sometimes when the call center queue fails to utilize the automatic call distribution, the subscriber can request the liaison to call them back. It saves the institution from being dissatisfactory and also improves understanding between liaisons and subscribers.

Some ways to make sure that recall from queue happens without a problem are:

Responsible liaisons

The liaisons should be responsible enough to keep themselves updated with the call queue and give subscribers a recall time immediately. If a liaison is responsible enough to monitor and keep the calls flowing, the liaison and institution will prove to be efficient.

Keep calm with Call Center Queue

When calls are of high volume, liaisons are in a rush to attend as many as they can. The whole purpose of the Nectar Desk ACD call center queue with a recall is to make sure each subscriber gets enough time to go through their problems and complaints.

The liaison can continue with their ongoing VOIP call and give the subscribers waiting in the queue specific times for when they will receive a recall.

The flow of the call queue is not something the institution can decrease, so it is essential to make sure that the liaison is calm and collected despite having a heavy flow of calls.