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Call Queue Software Feature

Manage your waiting calls efficiently

Put limits on Waiting time or number of Calls in queue

Offer Callback option for the best experience

VIP key for your priority callers so they dont need to wait

Call Center Queue Management

Let’s face the truth: all the clients get inevitably irritated after having to repeatedly listen to monotonous standard pre-recorded messages, such as, “All of our agents are busy at the moment. But somebody will answer you shortly.” The only issue that comes from such situations is dissatisfied customers, possible scandals, negative references/reviews and consequently a stark decrease in trust level to your services.

That is why it is of top priority to provide every customer with needed attention and care, and Call Center Queue Management by Nectar Desk can assist you to easily navigate your way through this complicated task.

Users can choose another call management feature from several options, that shorten average hold times for your clients. Out of these options, the 4 most popular are:

  1. Forwarding based on time (routing) – this option addresses calls on the basis of the time of day, in a chronological order,
  2. Forwarding based on Geography (routing) – with this, you can allocate calls to various agents according to the client’s location. Hence, your customers can be catered to by the agents in the same time zone so as to provide them with the best assistance,
  3. Specialty call (routing) – calls get forwarded to agents of various competence depending on their skill level and field of responsiveness. This option is helpful so that your office workers skills are each applied to their best potential and it offers different types of services/products.
  4. Type of request – calls get forwarded to agents, depending on specific problems for solving any arising issue at once.

Increase Productiveness using Call Queue Software

Nectar Desk IVR empowers your clients to help themselves. Call Queue can be customized to procure information on operating hours, billing data, and even specific account data, all based on the prompts which the clients enter.

In circumstances when the client is looking for a particular task like bill payment, he/she will be able to skip long waiting time in queues and directly complete his/her task without a hassle.

Adapt your Business to suit your Customers’ Happiness

With Nectar Desk Call Queue System you will be able to monitor all your customers’ experience working with your software, which they will share with their friends and acquaintances; hence increasing the clientele of your company.

This feature of the Nectar Desk software presents a quite new, unique and effective approach to modifying your business for the better. Click the link and start your new future now! (link to free trial)