Call Queues


Here’s How Queues Work

In Nectar Desk Call Center Software, the queue functionality operates as a dynamic and intelligent system for managing inbound calls efficiently. Therefore, when customers initiate calls, these are systematically directed to specific queues based on predefined criteria, such as service type or department. Administrators can configure and prioritize these queues, determining maximum wait times, as well as, overflow rules.

The software intelligently distributes calls among available agents, employing strategies like round-robin distribution or skills-based routing. Real-time monitoring tools empower supervisors to oversee queue performance, ensuring timely response to caller needs.

Manage calls among available agents.

Minimize customer waiting time.

Customize settings to your needs.

Monitor working performance in real-time.

Prioritize calls based on specific criteria.

Configure queues to your business hours.

Empower Your Contact Center with Queue Management

Let’s face the truth: all the clients get inevitably irritated after having to repeatedly listen to monotonous standard pre-recorded messages, such as, “All of our agents are busy at the moment. But somebody will answer you shortly.” The only issue that comes from such situations is dissatisfied customers, possible scandals, negative references/reviews, and consequently a stark decrease in trust level in your services.

That is why it is of top priority to provide every customer with needed attention and care, and Call Center Queue Management by Nectar Desk can assist you in easily navigating your way through this complicated task.

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