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Call Recordings

Free Call recordings to every client

Optional Stop/Start Recording for sensitive conversations

Canadian and USA storage available for compliance

Nectar Desk presents users with a common yet most useful feature – Business Call Recording. This feature records ongoing phone conversations on numerous telephone lines.

Cloud Based Call Recording can be used for either inbound or outbound calls. And the live call recordings can be paused or resumed.

This allows all recording to be automatically saved in the specific client’s activity log. So you can listen to the recordings as you wish in order to evaluate them and discern whether or not they comply with your high-quality specifications.

Users can analyze the call recording contents whenever it suits them in order to understand the customer’s needs, oversee operators’ behavior and ensure that only specifications that meet the high-quality standards are being used.

Inbound & Outbound Call Recordings

Call Recording System provides its users with both inbound and outbound calling choices. According to your business’ specific requirements, you can simply switch between the two settings whenever you need by clicking the button.

This switch option enables you to prioritize the different calls you have to record so that the most crucial calls are saved as soon as possible.

Pause and Resume Calls

To make things more convenient, this software can be used to put calls on hold (including live calls as well) and then resume them at a later time.

With this advantageous feature you can easily activate or disable recordings with the simple click of a button and you can store the most treasured and relevant data.

Recorded Calls Available on Demand

Using Cloud Based Call Recording by Nectar Desk, those recordings you’ve saved can be accessed at any time. Thus, you can even arrange an official meeting with workers, to listen to specific calls and discuss any queries to make improvements to your business.

To get a short but sure glimpse as to how notably the cloud-based Nectar Desk call center software can enhance your company and expand its profits, try our demo version.

To do so,  follow the link and get a free 5-minute trial to check how it works.