CRM as a kind of Contact Database

Improve the efficiency of your business
Collect all the required data about your customers
See recent activity for the specific contact


If you want to improve the efficiency of your business, our reliable CRM may become the right choice to satisfy your approach.
Nectar Desk contact database allows you to collect all the required data about your customers for further usage with your own customer relationship management system, or CRM.

What do we have to offer?

Nectar Desk puts a lot on the table. The CRM call center is based in the cloud, so you can handle both inbound and outbound calls easily without any technical requirements except internet access. It is based upon the following major feature types: setup features, call handling, contact center features as well as analytics and monitoring.

Thanks to the CRM call center software you will not only get the common features of all call center CRM solutions including IVR, Extensions, Call Recordings, Local and Toll-Free numbers etc., but you will also receive important information about your agents’ performance.


Nectar Desk CRM includes all kinds of information:

– the contact’s full name, phone number, and email address
– the date when the contact was added to CRM
– the tag – a piece of information which helps to describe a purpose or result of the call and allows it to be found again by filtering
– the name of the organization your client belongs to
– the deal your client is associated with
You can edit contact details anytime or add the new one once needed.

Moreover, clicking on the “View” button, you’ll be able to see recent activity for the specific contact, especially last calls, and text messages for today, last week or month.
With this data, your CRM will attract more and more customers every day, execute marketing campaigns and generate sales.
Moreover, you’ll always have an opportunity to control your workflow and find the data connected to the specific client in a few clicks using our user-friendly CRM filter.


Easy to Use

A perfect CRM database for all spheres of business should necessarily be both powerful and easy to use. In case of using Nectar Desk CRM, you and your team will always access the needed data quickly and won’t spend much time searching for the required call recording or other information related to your customers.

It’s also important that your CRM database software includes elevated support that you can reach any time. You should expect 24/7 telephone support, online chat, email ticket support and very quick turnaround times so you can keep using your database whenever you need it.

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