Let’s get acquainted with Nectar Desk Tickets Interface

As soon as you’ve created the email inbox inside of your Nectar Desk account, the Ticket functionality is fully accessible. Our tickets are very user-friendly and easy to use.

Once you’ve received the new email, you’ll see the notification at the top of the page.


Clicking on it, you’ll see your Ticket Inbox.


The Ticket Inbox includes such information as Ticket ID, Contact, Subject, the agent in Nectar Desk account the email is assigned to, Inbox, Creation Date, the time of the Last Message received, Priority, and Status.


The Priority option will help you to prioritize some tickets. It can be the following: low, medium, and high. You can select “none” priority as well.

You can also easily Reply to a ticket or View a ticket conversation with the help of the buttons located under the Action column.
You may tick the required tickets if you need to close or delete them thanks to the Batch Actions button.
It’s also possible to reopen closed tickets:


In the right top corner, you can Filter, Reset the previously selected filter, and Create a new ticket.

How to filter new tickets?

All the new Tickets are usually displayed at the top of the Tickets page. Even if the message thread has been started a few months ago, once there is a new incoming message on this thread, you will see it first.

All customer information kept in the Nectar Desk ticketing system is searchable, you can track every conversation from its origin to resolution.

Find the needed email in a few seconds filtering your tickets by Agent, Date, Thread Status, and Priority:


How to reply to a ticket?

Let’s see how to reply to the email you’ve received.
Once the Reply button is pressed, you can see all the previous conversations you’ve had recently at the left section, while at the right, the information about the sender (press View near the client’s name) and the previous tickets with this very person are displayed:
Here you can also close this ticket or forward it to another person. Please scroll down to see the email itself:

new tickets inbound
Here you can send your answer, leave an internal note (it will be visible only to the agents in the system; this option is highly effective to train the new staff, for example), send and resolve your ticket, or add an attachment to your email.

How to create a new ticket?

In order to send a new ticket, you need to click on the Create button, select a Ticket Inbox, type email addresses, type a subject, choose a previously created Canned Response if required:
new tickets
P.S. You can create numerous Canned Responses under the Canned Responses section on the left menu:
new tickets canned responses
Then type the message itself. You can also edit a text and add a picture or an attachment to your ticket. That’s it – your email is ready to go!
new tickets
The Nectar Desk Ticketing system helps build stronger relationships with your customers. Let us know once our assistance is needed – mail us to support@nectardesk.com and we’ll be glad to help 🙂

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Lera Dupliychuk