The Nectar Desk Ticket System allows ensuring efficient interpersonal communication between your customers and company staff members. This is an effective instrument to keep in touch with clients, deal with all their questions and concerns and be at hand once your assistance is needed. These aspects allow you to increase the number of active conversion for the agent and expand sales volume.

With the help of tickets a client may ask a question and get feedback from your company employee, moreover, upload necessary documents and get a response with a possibility of feedback through interactive messages.
The Nectar Desk Ticket system makes it unnecessary to purchase additional software or use third-party email services. All the necessary operations are performed inside the system and are kept in one place.
We are sure you’ll like this function, let’s dive deeper into its main options.

How to receive emails in the Nectar Desk system?

Prior to use your Nectar Desk account as a ticket inbox, check if you have a user category allowed to access Tickets and make sure the Tickets option is ticked under your account Settings (go to Settings > Agents and scroll down to Communication settings):

Communication Settings

Also, check if the Ticket Server is chosen:

In order to handle the email conversations from your Nectar Desk account, first of all, you need to forward emails from your current inbox (gmail, yahoo, yandex etc) to the email address given in Ticket Setting of your account:

Ticket Settings

To do it, just copy the address above and paste it to the Forwarding field of the inbox you are using. Don’t forget to fill in the Admin Name and Admin Email.
Right after that, you’ll receive the confirmation email to your Nectar Desk Ticket Inbox:

Ticket Inbox

Here you can find the link to click and confirmation code:

Hooray! Your email inbox is now merged with Nectar Desk 🙂

Let’s get acquainted with the Tickets Interface

As soon as you receive the new email, you’ll see the notification at the top of the page:


The Ticket Inbox includes such information as Ticket ID, Subject, Creation Date, and Status.
You can easily Reply to a ticket or View a ticket conversation with the help of the buttons located under the Action column:

You may tick the required tickets if you need to close or delete them thanks to Actions.
In the right top corner, you can Filter, Reset the previously selected filter, and Create a new ticket.

All customer information kept in the Nectar Desk ticketing system is searchable, you can track every conversation from its origin to resolution. Find the needed email in a few seconds filtering your tickets by Ticket Server, Agent, Date and Thread Status:


In order to send a new ticket, you need to click on the Create button, select a Ticket Server, type email addresses, type a subject, choose an email template if required.
P.S. You can create numerous email templates under Ticket Settings and even test the template to see it from your customer’s perspective:

test template

Then type a message itself and add an attachment. You can also edit a text and add a picture or an attachment to your ticket.
That’s it – your email is ready to go!


You can always leave some notes under the email that will be visible only to the agents in the system. This option is highly effective to train the new staff:


Once you resolve a conversation, you will be able to view all the previous notes left.

The Nectar Desk Ticketing system helps build stronger relationships with your customers. Let us know once our assistance is needed – mail us to and we’ll be glad to help 🙂

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Lera Dupliychuk