When messages arrive outside of the SMS chat session they are placed in the SMS Inbox. The currently signed in Agents that have access to SMS will receive a notification  in the top left corner of the screen.


Clicking on the 2016-10-27-09_27_06-nectar-desk button beside the message in the inbox will automatically load it and any recent conversation into theActive SMS chat screen.

Once the conversation is completed, if the agent clicks on the complete conversation button, the new message will be removed from the SMS Inbox and archived.

The entire chat history can be viewed from the Active SMS window by selecting the outgoing Id entering in the customer’s phone number and clicking the Go button.

Or if it was a recent conversation clicking on the Name in the recent conversation list.

If the agent navigates away from the chat window before closing the conversation and the customer sends a new message, a notification will be displayed in the Active SMS menu option as well as beside the customer’s information under recent conversations.

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Lera Dupliychuk