Nectar Desk Predictive Dialer can be set up within Automated Call Campaigns. It ensures no time is wasted. This dialing process begins before any agent is available to take a call. The goal is to avoid “idle time” spent listening to phones ring, leaving voicemails, and hanging up unanswered calls. 

Additionally, the dialer depends on voicemail detection to appropriately handle calls. Our systems study pauses, opening phrases, and other common conversation traits to either assign a call to a representative or leave a voicemail.

How to set up the Predictive Dialer

In Automated Campaigns settings, you need to enable Agent Call Ratio and select Ring Group to determine agents:

Once the action is enabled, Nectar Desk Predictive Dialer will automatically dial your contacts from the list only in case there is an agent available so that your customers could be connected with the live agent to discuss their questions.

You should also set up the number of concurrent calls per every available agent for all campaigns and our system will dial multiple numbers at the same time to ensure maximum agent utilization:



The Predictive Dialer is a better solution for large teams aiming for volume over personalization. Send us an email to [email protected] and we will help you with the setup procedure 🙂

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Lera Dupliychuk