The ‘Voicemails’ section  is where you can see and access the list of all recent voicemails that your company or team has received, in chronological order. Or Sorted by date Range.



The admin can see all the Voicemails left on the system, these can be sorted by any of your phone numbers.  You can click the “apply filter” button on the top right to access the date range.


*The standard setting is set by date on all numbers through your system.


Resetting the filter – when you access the voicemail link you can reset the filter to its normal state.


Contact: indicates the number or contact in which the call was placed.

Call: Pushing the green button will call the number back

VIA: Indicates what  number the VM was left , or what number was used to dial in.

When:  Exact date & time when the VM was left on the system.

Duration: Length time in Seconds

Recording of Call: Pressing the Blue Play button you can listen to the VM that was left. Depending on the type of license you have, the days stored will be determined.

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