Voice Campaigns

Increase the number of potential customers in the shortest time. Utilize this capability for promotions, updates notifications, and sending information very quick

Phone Survey Software

Lets you maximize your phone survey ROI with seamless telephony integration, advanced features, and multi-site and remote access flexibility.

Data collection software will greatly change the way you communicate with your customers.

Appointment Reminders

Cut down no-shows by sending confirmation notifications from CRM system.

Send reminders the way your clients want. SMS messaging let you get a 6X higher open rate than usual email.

Political Calling

This is the easiest method to reach all voters with one SMS message.

Schedule completely automated calling campaigns to your voters – use own custom audio message. Outbound callings allow reaching even rural voters and those who have no internet access at all. A common phone call at the appropriate moment catches more voters than any other marketing channel.

Press 1 Campaigns

Press-1 campaign capability is a lead generator with no jokes!

Deliver callers your message and allow them press – 1 to transfer calls to an operator or provide people with the opportunity to leave their own messages. You can create up to 10 digits between 0 – 9 as transfer options. Listen to the call recordings and transcripts promptly.  In addition, you can get Emails with all the details for every audio phone transfer. Get insights into everyday reports of the press-1 campaign.