Predictive Dialer

 Automatically dial your contact’s list

 Dial up to 80 numbers per hour

 Analyze performance of your sales reps in Calling campaigns

Exceed your revenue goals with our Predictive Dialing

  • It’s imperative for market research, telemarketing and closing leads that you’ve qualified in your sales campaigns.
  • The auto dialer software enables the process to provide a stream of live calls to assistants allowing them to contact many leads in a day
  • It saves time as reps are automatically routed to live calls
  • The filtering mechanism used by the dialer reduces the amount of dropped calls
  • It integrates with compliance policies thus weeding out contacts that have been flagged as ‘do not call’

The elements and concepts of power dialers and predictive dialers are nearly the same and oftentimes, people mismatch the two. Below are the key differences of these outbound call management schemes.


How Predictive Dialers Operates

  • Uses a set of programs that employ parameters such as queue lengths, live assistants and average number of calls one can take in 10 minutes to place a call.
  • In the process, the predictive dialer software actively weeds out and purges dropped calls, answering machines and voicemail boxes.
  • By estimating the length of a call, the dialer optimizes the dialing procedure thus facilitating automatic connection to a live prospect as soon as they end a previous call.


Distinguishing Features – Power Dialers Vs. Predictive Dialers

Call Routing

Power dialers only channel calls to available reps while the other system use time and call length algorithms to send calls to assistants even when they are engaged in another call.


Predictive dialers give agents absolutely no control over the dialing process while power dialers provide reps with full control


Predictive dialing is suitable for assisting prospects that are already part of the business. Power dialing is used in closing newly qualified leads.

Both of these outbound systems provide agents with customer’s data and they can be integrated with cloud solutions for versatility and flexibility.

Predictive dialers are one of the most profoundly revered outbound call routing frameworks in businesses. With the aid of set algorithms, the dialers are able to seamlessly route calls to contact center reps enabling them to handle as many prospects as possible without placing a finger on the dial pad.

It is useful when a firm is working on a targeted number of prospects. The scheme makes use of the auto dialer software to shuffle off answering machines and voicemails. This saves precious time as reps connect to prospects that are ready for conversation.

Predictive dialers have been incorporated with tools that analyze various metrics including those from CRM data to route calls intelligently to the agents. The result is that the reps are able to screen leads faster. Prospects therefore get immediate and gratifying assistance.

The predictive dialer software provides a consistent and reliable stream of calls to each rep after a certain time interval. The process can be integrated with the hosted contact center operations so that the dialer can also route calls to virtual assistants.



Increase your contact center productivity by completely automating the outbound dialing processes

Apply skill-based dialing for targeted outbound campaigns.

Minimize Agent Idle Time

Enable Dynamic Call Pacing

Advanced scripting capability for agents to serve customers/prospects better

This Auto Dialer successfully meets the requirements of any kind of outbound campaign (telemarketing and sales, or collections) to be run at optimum levels with low total cost of ownership (TCO), ease-of-use, and deployment flexibility.

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