Auto Dialer by Nectar Desk

Auto Dialer

 Automatically dial your contact’s list

 Dial up to 80 numbers per hour

 Analyze performance of your sales reps in Calling campaigns

Dynamic Auto Dialer Software

Automatically dials next number on the list with the ability to select dispositions and to add contact notes. This reduces the loss of time allowing you to make more calls every single day.

Preview Dialing

With this predictive dialer system, it becomes easy to avoid making calls that would fail to be fruitful as you search up the personal details and if the data suggests you should make the call, it can be done with just clicks.

Browser Based Phone

Using WebRTC technology Nectar Desk enables your team to start dialing without any investment toward hardware and straight from Chrome browser

Auto Dialer Software Increases Company Capabilities

The Auto Dialer Software is a really influential and beneficial tool, which stimulates your workers to expand their clientele list in order to increase work productivity and prosperity in a short period of time.

The Auto Dialer System is hosted in the cloud and allows users to make calls on any list and interact with waiting for agents while going quickly through important voicemails and letting machines to respond for enhancing efficiency.

This Nectar Desk Call Center Dialer Can:

  • Work as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone software
  • Provide call centers with autodialers
  • Enhance and increase lead generation
  • Integrate current phone numbers or alter old, dead ones
  • Immediately reduce major operation costs
  • Boost customers’ satisfaction
  • Study, estimate and monitor all the statistics at any time
  • Filter dead or bad numbers to increase efficiency
  • Get Voicemail Recordings & Call Analytics
  • What makes this tool to be so effective for use in a Call Center Company?

Autodialer enables you to effortlessly call a group of numerous phone IDs whilst linking agents to live calls. Such an Automatic Phone Dialer uses this technique to maintain operators on the phone at all times.

Additionally, with the aid of calling metrics, this software can compute the amount of time it takes to link a live call altogether with operator communication time so you can regulate when to put on hold a call.

Nectar Desk solution has got an auto-ringer option. Through enabling call continuance, call exertion can be increased to up to 100%. Nectar Desk VoIP makes it reasonable and efficient system for sales teams

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