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Ringless Voicemail Drops

Increase telephone outreach

Record a unique message, and send it to your target audience with a few clicks

Save time with pre-recorded audio message online

With new technologies upgrading, telecommunication has also been advanced. Ringless Voicemail Drop is a unique, non-intrusive and flexible technology that enables your company to notify clients of important messages.

Without having to call them or disturbing their day, this voicemail drop service makes it possible for you to leave a custom voice-recorded message on their cell phones.


Nectar Desk Voicemail drop service will not disturb the recipient of the message in any way. There will be no aggravating ringtone or accidental call when in a meeting.

Without even dialing their phone number, this service lets you send their cell inbox direct messages. They can choose when to listen to the message themselves, making the service flexible to both users and recipients.

Increased Response Rate

This easily operable ringless voicemail service will definitely show an increment in responsiveness because there is a 96% rate of people who consistently listen to their voicemail, which is much higher than them answering a call.

The expected increased can reach up to 95% within the first day. More activity is bound to occur leading inevitably to a maximization of business opportunities. Also, surveys show that in the US alone, there are over 328 million cell phones, so this voicemail drop service has a huge demographic and target population.

Ringless Voicemail Drops Cost-Effectiveness 

Implementing the voicemail drop service is easily affordable and you only have to pay for successful drops. If your drop is ignored, then there’s no extra cost whatsoever. Rates go as low as 3.5 cents per message delivered and the subscriber is never billed, so you won’t have any complaining customers on hand.

Moreover, even with such low prices, the length of the message recorded is not limited at all. Feel free to leave a message of any length without fearing any additional cost, since charges are billed per drop, not minute.

Voicemail Drop Service Carries Extensive Capacity

Not only are the ringless voicemail drops easy and cheap to use, but it can be widely used in order to reach the maximal amount of clients. In only one hour, thousands of voicemails can be dropped into individual cell phones. Some service providers have up to 50,000 ports specialized to support massive campaign volume.

This one platform can host several actions including Ringless VMs, Voice Broadcasting, IVR Surveys and Press, so you can work efficiently.

Nectar Desk Ringless Voice drop does not come with any strings or long-term commitments attached. You can start taking advantage of its features without any setup fee or monthly fees.

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