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Voice Broadcast

 Just take less than 5 minutes to create optimized messages

 Scale up to a thousand callers

 Prepare and schedule the broadcasts for particular time

Voice Broadcasting inputs the element of personal touch into all your voice messages. Send personalized notifications, alerts, updates, news and everyone including partners, customers, employees and other interested parties.

With Nectar Voice Broadcasting Feature, You Get:

Powerful messaging service at a pocket-friendly cost

No hidden legal requirements or expenses

A scalable system that can accommodate up to a thousand callings

A messaging system with prime scheduling capabilities

Create any message within the shortest period – typically, less than 5 minutes.

Affordable Voice Broadcasting by Nectar Desk

Easy to start, simple to manage. No agreements or additional payment required.


Choose your appropriate liaisons then record a personalized voice message, test it, and you’re good to go. All in less than five minutes.


Nectar Desk Voice Broadcast feature facilitates forwarding to messages to dozens, hundreds or even to thousands of targets on a whim. So, the size of your clientele is not of any concern here.


Use data from CRM, omnichannel integrated conversations and other sources to build custom messages for a more personalized touch. You can as well use text-to-speech functionality to create voice on-point messages.


The voice broadcast feature can be customized by your APIs capabilities to develop a solution apt for your systems and goals.

Voice Broadcast Features

Through-and-through data analytics & reporting

Text-to-speech functionality

Customized greetings & messages

Press-1 Campaigns to transfer

Fast creation of a “Do not call”

Easy Caller ID Setup process

Download exported contact lists

Schedule to provide for your clients the service at the most appropriate time

Automatically delivers any call result

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