Calling Campaigns

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Have a scalable algorithm from hundreds to thousands of calls

Schedule call center workflow and opportunities at any point in time

It’s quite complicated to manage a call center with phone dialer software: – be sure of high operators’ performance, competent customer support, and deliver quality analysis & reports. All call center operations must be time-efficient and cost-effective.

What you should really do to handle a lot of business issues is to manage your cloud-based call center solution with calling campaigns.

Call center campaigns are aimed to break down your calling into segments for further sales boosting and better customer service performance. Every calling campaign you create may have various settings such as scripts, caller ID, dispositions or leads’ recycling.

Launch Productive Calling Campaigns with Nectar Desk software


It is better to test diverse settings and adapt which campaign is more suitable for the purposes you are striving to achieve.

By location

Prospect’s time zone arranging

By Caller ID

Different special purposes

By Lead Types

Cold/warm leads importance

By Particular DID

Monitor inbound calls for marketing aims

By Call Direction

Inbound or outbound calls

By Agent

Operators’ specialization

Handling Outbound Campaigns

Commonly outbound calling campaigns are chosen for making sales or fixing a meeting.

There are 3 types of outbound calling campaigns:

  • Ratio

    Dials available phone numbers on the basis of a ratio for every operator and looks for live clients to connect with an agent to optimize conversation time.  When the operator is taking a call, the dialer can either keep dialing other numbers or pause according to the arranged settings.

  • Predictive

    The dialer uses an algorithm to predict when operators will be on the line and will start dialing subsequently.  Can be managed within call centers of at least 20 operators.

  • Preview

    The option which lets customer support rep to click “Dial Next Number” so he can control the time when the number is called.  Suitable for warm leads and b2b sector.


Inbound Campaigns

Inbound calling campaigns may be staggering when there are a high number of calls. This may result in a great number of abandoned calls,  which are calls that were not performed as for operator absence. Therefore being tired of waiting callers hung up:

  1. Schedule work hours in the way when more agents are available during peak time of callings
  2. Coach your call center reps for stressful situations
  3. Monitor all crucial inbound campaign metrics: the level of service, time for response, and 1st call resolution etc.
  4. Let your operators answers customers even in the restroom.

Blended Campaigns

Blended calling campaigns unite facets of both inbound and outbound campaigns. They can demand more available operators, as for multiple services. Strategies to use for blended campaigns:

  1. Agents for outbound calling are able to take callbacks
  2. Keep your mind on operators talents, to choose inbound and outbound calls for every one of them
  3. Flexible calling campaign modes. For example, you can alter the priority of the campaigns and provide the customer care representatives with the opportunity to handle own campaigns
  4. Having devoted agents to either inbound or outbound calling campaigns
  5. Having backup agents for high volume periods of inbound callings

Call Center calling campaigns can be a great way to get new clients, cross-selling, or proactive customer support to present ones. So if you’re considering to create own inbound/outbound or even a blended calling campaigns then Nectar Desk software can easily handle any all of them.

Our system will provide you with even more capabilities and instruments you expect for a powerful customer service. Check out it, ask for a free demo to start your calling campaign right away!