Calling Campaigns

Calling Campaigns

Here’s How Calling Campaigns Work

Commonly outbound calling campaigns are chosen for making sales or fixing a meeting.

There are 3 types of outbound calling campaigns:


Dials available phone numbers based on a ratio for every operator. It looks for live clients to connect with an agent to optimize conversation time.


The dialer uses an algorithm to predict when operators will be on the line. A predictive calling campaign feature can be managed within call centers of at least 20 operators.


The option lets the customer support rep click “Dial Next Number”. So, they can control the time when the number is called. Thus, it is suitable for warm leads and the b2b sector.

Allow agents to make more calls in less period.

Reduce repetitive tasks with efficient automation.

Get instant insights into campaign performance.

Direct calls to the right agents with smart dialers.

Provide quality control and effective trainigs.

Synchronizes call data with Nectar Desk's CRM.

Inbound Campaigns

Inbound calling campaigns may be staggering when there is a high number of calls. This may result in a great number of abandoned calls,  which were not performed due to operator absence. Therefore waiting callers can hang up because they are tired. There are practical tips on how to avoid these situations:

  1. Schedule work hours in a way where more agents are available during peak time;
  2. Coach your call center reps for stressful situations;
  3. Monitor all important inbound campaign metrics: the level of service, time for response, and 1st call resolution etc;
  4. Let your operators answer customers even in the restroom.

Blended Campaigns

Blended calling campaigns unite both inbound and outbound campaigns. They can demand more available operators for multiple services. Consider strategies for blended campaigns:
  1. Agents for outbound calling can take callbacks;
  2. Keep your mind on the operator’s talents, to choose inbound and outbound calls for every one of them;
  3. Flexible calling campaign modes. For example, you can alter the priority of the campaigns and provide the customer care representatives with the opportunity to handle their own campaigns;
  4. Devoted agents to either inbound or outbound calling campaigns;
  5. Having backup agents for high-volume periods of inbound callings.

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