Power Dialer

 Automatically dial your contact’s list

 Dial up to 80 numbers per hour

 Analyze performance of your sales reps in Calling campaigns

Nectar Desk Power Dialer Operates

  • It scans agent’s availability status to identify offline/active ones
  • Unlike the predictive dialer, it only places call for agents that are active on the line
  • Calls are made on a single-agent basis allowing reps to handle one request at time
  • It intelligently skips disconnected channels, busy signals, dropped calls and voicemails

If you want to have more control while still enjoying the efficiency of an automated system, then power dialers gives you that option. No more painful lobes or misdialed numbers as the system prepares a roster of leads to dial. It leverages on cloud options by doubling as a cloud predictive dialer enabling managers to view real-time call metrics from any place.

How Power Dialer Edges Over Other Dialers

  • It completely eliminates the possibilities of call abandonment
  • It augments with cloud predictive dialers to allow inclusion of virtual reps in a call center
  • Agents have full control over the entire process
  • This outbound and personalized dialing scheme leads to higher client satisfaction because reps are given sufficient time to handle each prospect
  • The auto dialer software takes control of prospect’s data and calls initiation while you take care of call quality, accuracy and speed.

As some people would like to put it as the rapid dialer, the power dialer place calls automatically from a chosen roster in the database. The mechanism leverages on the availability of the reps before beginning the dialing procedure. Depending on the way an agent has customized his/her status, just like the predictive dialer, it routes calls to reps in accordance with their skills.

This one-by-one dialing scheme links prospects to the right personnel thus minimizing chances of call transfers or forwarding. The scale of placed calls replicates the sum of live reps. Powered by auto dialer software, this system ensures that call rates are consistent with the number of reps whose status indicates ‘green.’

For efficiency and flexibility, tech-savvy contact centers utilize cloud predictive dialers. Cloud-based dialers allow managers to oversee operations from anywhere at anytime. Cloud options also provide tailored dispositions for virtual agents enabling contact centers to hire on-demand reps. The power dialer can push calls to available virtual assistants just the way it places calls to the on-premise reps.

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Nectar Desk price comparison chart


No matter how large or small your team is, be it one agent or over one hundred you can take advantage of all the features in our solution.

Basic Voice

Advanced Phone Functionality
For Support Teams and Call Centers

$ 29

Per Month, Per Agent

Unlimited Inbound Local Calls*

Advanced Call Center Functionality


Click-to call

Real Time Dashboards

Screen Pop

24/5 Phone/Chat/Email Support

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Phone + SMS + Chat + Email.
Complete Helpdesk for Teams

$ 49

Per Month, Per Agent


All features of Basic Plan

Live Chat

Email / Ticketing Helpdesk

Unlimited Agents

Unlimited Queues


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PowerDialer + Multi-Channel.
Unlimited Calling. Ideal for Sales Teams

$ 99

Per Month, Per Agent


All features of Multi-Channel

Power Dialer

All you can call




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