Administrators are able to purchase additional phone numbers for their business.  If you’re targeting a certain geographical area you can purchase a local number for that region or if you have a limited time campaign you can purchase a custom number for that one campaign.

To purchase an additional number, follow the example in this video or see the instructions below:


Navigate to the Settings area for phone numbers


 In the top right corner click 2016-11-10-16_00_10-nectar-desk 

  • Select the country you’re looking for with the drop down ( insert pic)
  • Select the area code or city you’re looking for ( EG, 818 or Los Angeles )  Insert Pic
  • Designate if you want a mobile, fixed, or toll-free number.
  • Once you see a number you like, then click 2016-11-10-16_02_56-nectar-desk to purchase.
  • This number will be charged to your next invoice at $5 / month. 

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