Simplify the way you send the SMS and emails with the help of placeholders ??
Placeholders substitute for every custom field you have in your account and save your time when you communicate with your clients using Nectar Desk.
Let us demonstrate to you the way it works.

While sending messages, you can choose any pre-built field (placeholder), and the Nectar Desk system will automatically put the information from this field to the text.

Previously you could type the name of the custom field in such a way: %Custom field name% and our system would pick up the information from this field automatically to the text.
For example, if you typed: %name%, your message would be sent with the relevant information.

But not every Nectar Desk user knew about this cool option, so we’ve created a drop-down called Insert Placeholders and have now each field existing in the account listed here. When you click it, our system automatically pastes the placeholder to the text field in a proper format.

You can do it just in a few clicks in the Messaging Section and significantly save your time. 

You can use the drop-down for:

– SMS Canned Responses
– Tickets Canned Responses
Email Templates
Email Templates under Calling Campaigns.

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Lera Dupliychuk