Call Center Interval Report

Interval Report

 Analyze Call Center performance in 15 minutes intervals

 Compare key metrics during different day parts

Interval Report

Nectar Desk is a call center monitoring software that enables you to set the protocols for receiving email communique when an important event transpires. If you miss a call, Nectar Desk will send you an email entailing the call details,voice-recorded message, and transcription.

These email alerts are flexible, can be easily modified, do not require coding and have several beneficial features.

Flexible and easy configuration

Utilizing a non-complex drag and drop interface, Nectar Desk allows users to easily change notification settings, uses call center analytics to filter users criteria and enables them to customize on a  personal level.

Set a Criteria for Email Triggers

Not all phone events will be as important as others, so with Nectar Desk, you can handpick a series of specific events that will trigger the email memo. Some selected events may be when you get a call from your favorites list, a voicemail is left from a specific caller- ID, a call comes from a  different area code, etc.

Being in control of the types of events that cause an email memo enables you to be aware, yet prevent your inbox from being jam-packed with alerts.

Modify Email Layout

The email memos delivered to your email inbox don’t have to contain each detail about the call/caller. You can modify the content of the memo so that it only contains information that you find of value.

For example, you may choose to keep some or all of these contents: caller ID, caller’s personal details, any recorded messages, duration, etc. Hence, you receive only the most crucial and helpful data.

Hand-pick email receivers

To make it easier to keep a record of the needs of your priceless clients, this call center reporting feature also lets you even choose specific certain people to send emails to.

Nectar Desk allows you to respond immediately to your subscriber (ie “Sorry for missing your call. How may I help?”), liaisons (ie “A subscriber left an important call for you”), and more.

Recorded Messages and Transcriptions

When a subscriber or any caller cannot get through to you they will often leave a voice recording that contains important information. Nectar Desk gives you the option to choose if you wish for the voice recording and its transcript to be emailed to you or not. You can listen in real-time or read the message so that you don’t miss out on valuable memos.

To learn more about this cloud-based call center software with unique call center analytic and reporting metric features, talk to a Nectar Desk expert and begin your free trial now.