Now it becomes much easier to log calls and SMS to ActiveCampaign. Thanks to the Nectar Desk integration with ActiveCampaign, log your calls and SMS details into the CRM and keep all agents’ activity under control.

Just quickly integrate it with ActiveCampaign and start working!

And the Nectar Desk Click-to-Call Extension will help you ease the workflow. 

Numbers in ActiveCampaign will be highlighted with buttons ‘SMS’ and ‘Call’. You can start calling or sending SMS directly from ActiveCampaign and everything will be logged in both accounts.

*Make sure that you have opened both tabs – Nectar Desk and ActiveCampaign for integration to work properly.

integartion with ActiveCampaign

Logged Calls

All calls will be automatically logged in ActiveCampaign as notes for that customer.

integration with ActiveCampaign

And in Nectar Desk you’ll find all the information regarding calls in the agent’s recent activity.

integration with ActiveCampaign

Here you can find all the details of the call. Additionally, if there is a disposition or notes saved, you’ll find them in the details too. 

Logged SMS

In the logged SMS you’ll see the direction of the SMS (inbound/outbound), the message itself, the agent who handled it, and when.

integartion with ActiveCampaign

The same will be for logged SMS in Nectar Desk.


Integrate your Nectar Desk account with ActiveCampaigntoday! Try all the benefits for yourself.
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Lera Dupliychuk