Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk + ServiceTitan


Best Phone System and Call Center Software
for ServiceTitan CRM

Synchronize Contacts;

Automatically log calls as notes and access to call recordings in ServiceTitan;

Create an outbound calling campaign from every list you have to reach out to your customers;

Log SMS to the CRM with the date and time it was sent, the text of the message itself, its direction, and the agent who handled the SMS;

Log dispositions and disposition notes for every call and SMS;

and much more.

One more useful option of this integration is the link to ServiceTitan Customer Profile, which will be shown under the Nectar Desk Contact, and on the Screen Pop once there is any inbound or outbound call.

Easily integrate ServiceTitan with Nectar Desk today!

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Get this integration and 50+ features for just $50 per month!

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