Facebook Integration

Nectar Desk now includes the world’s most popular messenger app.

The Facebook Messenger integration adds new features to your account. Thanks to this messaging channel you can:

  • Offer your customers live chat messaging even without a website;

  • Respond to messages directly from Nectar Desk;

  • Assist customers across multiple channels from a single interface.

Save your time, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your conversations with Nectar Desk and Facebook Integration.

Facebook Messenger is the key to communicating with billions of people all around the world. Integrate it with Nectar Desk to create a convenient, two-way communication channel with your customers and reach them where they communicate the most. Facebook Messaging is an excellent way to provide a more customized experience than is possible through other channels.

When a Facebook user visits your page, he will appreciate the ability to contact you with a single click.

Additionally, having your agents respond to Facebook messages is incredibly efficient. In contrast to phone conversations, agents can manage many Facebook inquiries at the same time. 

Why Facebook Messaging at Nectar Desk?

Our Facebook integration is built-in and designed by the Nectar Desk team. It doesn’t require any extra payment. To connect the Business Facebook Messenger to your account, please follow the instructions.

Facebook Messanger integration means that there’s no need to give multiple agents access to your all-important Business Facebook page. Simply complete the integration with your Facebook account, assign agents to a Facebook instance, and they will be able to respond as they would a live chat. Without ever opening the Facebook app or being granted admin permissions. 

All in all Facebook Messaging is a whole other level of delivering a more personalized customer experience.

How to connect to Facebook?

If you are interested in integrating Facebook Messenger into your Nectar Desk account – contact us using the button below.