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Custom Messages and Music

Improve Callers Experience while they are on the call

Advertise your additional Services while the caller is in the queue

Announce waiting time to the caller

Call centers and other companies receive many callers every day. Phone salutations always set an impact on the clienteles. It is highly necessary to ensure that the messages your clients hear are appropriate.

Telephone greetings must be informative as well as polite in order to keep the clients on call for a long time. Few things must be kept in mind while personalizing company phone salutations.

Promoting your business

Managing the company’s phone salutations has to be done smartly. Your firm’s advertisement can be done through business phone greetings. Clients on hold might show interest in your business after listening to the custom messages.

The messages that your clients hear must not bore or irritate them. Alongside, callers should not be put on hold for a long time and must be provided with quick responses. Instant callback facilities always impress customers.

Appropriate messages

Clientele who dial to large companies are usually kept waiting. While waiting on the call, the messages or music playing on the phone can affect their moods greatly. Call center must be useful for the callers.

The messages must be selected according to the motive of the clients. Different notes for different types of callers should be enabled to make sure you don’t lose clients.

Customer friendly voicemails

Customers making calls must receive the right details about the company. Professional voicemail greetings that can guide the callers to the concerned department can be of great help. The main purpose of business voicemail greetings is to meet the clients’ needs and satisfy them.

Accents that are difficult to understand let the clients down. A clear voice with proper directions must be there to satisfy your clients.


Call center music help entertain the clients on phone for more time. However, companies must be careful with the choice of music. Not all clients have the same taste in music and can hang up if they dislike the custom tune. Songs that promote the company can also be used for marketing.