Individual SMS & MMS

Create various Contact Lists for sending text messages
Have access to your SMS as well as to your agents’ ones
Use Canned Responses to save your time
Leave internal notes in SMS thread
Send MMS to your clients in a few clicks

Individual SMS & MMS option lets you manage all your messaging processes and clients statuses in the one workplace.

Work with a user-friendly interface and see all the current active conversations with your customers.
Instantly send numerous photos or documents from your computer and your clients will receive your message in a few seconds.

Use Canned Responses – preset templates for your text messages, which save your time and help to be more productive.
It’s a quick and convenient way of communicating with your clients as there is no need to type the same message again and again for each customer. All you need is to create a template and choose it once composing a new SMS for your client.

Filter by the required data and find all the necessary SMS conversations in a few clicks.
With Nectar Desk Reporting System you may upload the SMS Analytic Report to your PC for further usage.

Download single message details in CSV format to your Personal PC.

Send the text messages you wrote after a certain period of time with the SMS Scheduling feature. Be sure your message will be sent not a minute later.

See the agent who was handling this or that conversation earlier so that you could know if they have to pick up this talk or not with the help of the field “Previously handled by” in the SMS Inbox section.

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