Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messenger

 Improve the efficiency of your business

 Communicate directly from Nectar Desk

 Strengthen your brand with improved response times

Offer live chat messaging even without a website

Assist customers across multiple channels from a single interface

With our Facebook Business integration, you can manage your Facebook conversations directly from the Nectar Desk.

The benefits of integration of Facebook Business and Nectar Desk are the following:

All at hand

Handle Facebook messages, calls, live chat, and business texts from one single interface – no need to get lost in different tabs.

Efficient way of messaging

Work using an easy-to-use interface and view all of your current active conversations with customers. Send various images or documents from your computer at once, and your clients will get your message in a short amount of time.

Advanced way of messaging

Use Canned Responses — preset templates for your messages that save time and help you be more productive. It’s a convenient and simple way to communicate with your customers because you don’t have to compose an identical message for each customer. All you need to do is create a template and select it when creating a new message for your customer.

Attend to details

Download message details in CSV format to your PC.

Customers want to interact with your brand through the channel of their choosing. For many, Facebook Messenger is the answer. You can be confident in the messaging experience you provide with Nectar Desk across all popular channels.

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