Concurrent Calls

CRM Call Center Feature

Track Historic Call Activity for your Contacts

Call Recordings for all the communications with the Contact

Screen Pop with CRM data on Inbound Calls

Add Notes and Modify Contact while on the call

Organizing a business is greatly important – managing campaigns, recording calls for further reference and spreading worldwide.With the technology of today instead of making such a huge step like opening a filial abroad, you could simply use a call center CRM. This is a good choice, especially for small and middle-sized businesses. And here is exactly where the affordable and highly effective CRM call center software of Nectar Desk steps in:

What do we have to offer?

Nectar Desk puts a lot on the table. The CRM call center is based in the cloud, so you can handle both inbound and outbound calls easily without any technical requirements except internet access. It is based upon the following major feature types: setup features, call handling, contact center features as well as analytics and monitoring.

Thanks to the CRM call center software you will not only get the common features of all call center CRM solutions including IVR, Extensions, Call Recordings, Local and Toll-Free numbers etc., but you will also receive important information about your agents’ performance.

But why should you take our word for it?

Quite the contrary, you are encouraged to try out the software for yourself. Otherwise, both you and we would have wasted time and money, in case the CRM software for call center does not meet your needs after you have purchased it. That is why it is utterly important to start a free trial which will give you the best idea of what the call center CRM is all about.

The trial is completely free and you will even get free onboarding support. What is more, you are not required to share any information whatsoever about your credit or debit card.

Will that product harm your budget? (Pricing Plans)

And here comes the best part – we have gathered different pricing plans for different types of businesses. So, do not worry if your business is just starting – you could pick some of the cheaper Pricing Plans or the smallest one which will cost you only 29$ per month.

In that case, you will not receive all the features but you might as well not need them. On the other hand, if you manage a call center or a middle size business, you should take into account the number of agents you would like the CRM for call center to sustain – 10, 25 or unlimited. Complete information can be found on our website.

Finding the best solution for handling calls is often not an easy task. Still, Nectar Desk provides exhaustive information which will make your search a lot easier. No matter if you are new to the business scene or you are already an “insider”, you could benefit a lot from what the call center CRM software has to offer. Start your free trial today!.

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