Click-to-SMS Extension

SMS Extension

Here’s How SMS Extension Works

Using Nectar Desk’s Click to SMS extension is easy and quick. First, download and install the extension from the Nectar Desk account or your browser’s extension store. Then, connect it to your Google account. Set up your preferences, like message templates and notifications. If you want to send an SMS: Type the text and send it. From the pop up you will be able to select Outbound ID and Canned Response. You could also send delayed SMS(Scheduled SMS) – just activate the “Schedule SMS” function and specify the date and time for it.

Personalize messages with customer information.

Provide consistent communication experience.

Receive notifications without opening account.

Send SMS messages with just one click.

Track delivery, open, and response rates.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Boost Productivity with Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk offers many tools to improve your customer service and communication. Our call center software helps you effectively manage inbound and outbound calls. Also, you are able to Record Calls and analyze overall performance with Advanced Analytics. The Ticketing System lets you track and resolve customer inquiries efficiently. Furthermore, Live Chat allows to support and engage with customers all the time. In fact, automation features help you save time by avoiding repetitive tasks. All these tools work efficiently. Also, Necta Desk provides a single platform to manage all your customer communications. This, definitely, will boost your team’s productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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