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Custom Agent Statuses

Create Agent Statuses based on your business needs

Monitor Agent Status changes activity

Manage queue and other calls differently for different statuses

With Nectar Desk you can have a notification with a link sent to an individual email or list of emails. The email address and person name the email comes from can also be customized, so if you want to set up email filters for specific email you will be able to filter by email address. In addition, if the customer left a voicemail because of the number of calls in queue or a specified length of time in your queue that will be shown in the title of the voicemail message.

1. Voicemail available on email or text

Nectar Desk’s Automated Voicemail System is a unique feature that instantaneously converts any voicemail notification into a computer-readable audio extension and has it sent to a designated email address. The voicemail detail like length, caller ID and frequency of calls will all be specified in the email notification.

Some of the immense benefits of this feature include:

  • Keep track of your work affairs through more devices
  • Receive all voicemail memos even when not within reach your office phone
  • Effortlessly send voicemail recordings to required coworkers
  • Store records of the business voicemails in for future reference or precedents
  • Demonstrate loyalty through quick responses to your clients to get their credits and trust

Voicemail Solutions transforms your business through the following ways.

2. Gain the trust and credit of clients

This component of Nectar Desk enables you to be constantly aware of new messages, even though you may not have a phone at hand. So, you can integrate all voicemail recordings from a wider variety of devices including your laptop, desktop, not only your phone. Then you can respond speedily and help your clients, which will get you on their good side.

3. Forward Recorded Voicemails to the Required Persons at Once

If you are not free or don’t have the opportunity to help your clients or partners timely, when they have an important request, you can pass on the voicemail to a fellow coworker who can help you address your clients needs while you are busy.

4. Receive written memos when listening isn’t possible

You may not be capable of listening to an audio file voicemail so this software will provide you with a written transcription of it so you can read the request. Transcriptions will be sent to both your email and phone messaging service, whichever is most convenient for you.