Forward to Phone

Forward to Phone

Your business your way, get calls when and where you want

International phone numbers could be forwarded to your cell phone

With the world of where technology is growing exponentially, people like the idea of having control over things involving it. To make this a little more convenient, forward to the phone makes calling and receiving calls for than just that.

Convenient Call Forwarding Service

With this software, you can use advanced settings to make call forwarding service easier for yourself.  With a virtual telephone number, you can forward calls to your phone, landline or compute according to your preference. The software is best for those who require flexibility like that in a call center.

Low Costs

This phone number forwarding service comes in handy when an instance like having to forward a call to your colleague occurs. Furthermore, you can have a wide range of customers by purchasing a number and letting your clients call a known number at low costs.


Also, you can choose to forward calls to a customer to the most qualified worker who can solve the problem. One of the main priorities of this phone number forwarding service is to give customers satisfactory results. You will be able to keep track of the calls that you forwarded with the monitoring feature. For a better working team, you can monitor the live call and record it too if you want.

User Friendly Call Forwarding Service

If you are skeptical about using this software, the website presents a free demo for you to test out the efficiency and advantages of the software. Not only that, you customers will be able to use business call forwarding service as well as phone number forwarding service without a hassle.

Your workers will be able to use this software for remote call forwarding which helps to expand the customer base. Overall, this call forwarding service can be utilized to produce an efficient, manageable and satisfactory working environment.