Call Workflow Audit

call workflow audit

How Call Workflow Audit Works

It’s an open secret that customer satisfaction is extremely important for every successful brand. It’s vital to treat consumers well, no matter the circumstances. Therefore, in Call Centers, where communication with clients takes 82% of the working day, it’s a top 1 priority. The core element of successful interactions with customers is hiring the right people.

 Nowadays Nectar Desk agents are eager to fill in the user-friendly form right during the call: it may contain different fields where they can write the relevant information, choose the required option from the few suggested, or simply mark with ✔. Moreover, call agents can select the date to schedule the appointment with the customer – we will provide you with solutions suitable especially for your use case. And, clearly, the task of supervisors or administrators of the Call Center is to assess properly agents’ progress.

Identifie inefficiencies in call routing processes.

Ensure smoother call flows and reduce wait times.

Provides insights into agent performance metrics.

Get data and analytics on customers behavior.

Reduce risks associated with call handling.

Develop business strategies for your call center.

Efficient and Correct Call Workflow Audit with Nectar Desk

Evaluating agents’ work well demands a strategic approach. It’s not enough to just peek over their shoulder from time to time: you have to manage your team based on your personal experience and careful analysis of their ideas, approaches, and mistakes. We, in turn, feel the responsibility to provide you with the appropriate tools to reach this goal. The audit form feature is what we’re offering. Thanks to it, you’ll have easy access to all forms created by the call agents with the possibility to evaluate them.

Your call center agent submits the form during the conversation with the customer – now you may easily access it, listen to the conversation to further evaluate the agent’s communication skills, and audit them as well as score the form itself. The points you’ve given will be automatically calculated by the Nectar Desk system and you will see the comparison chart with the maximum potential value, the actual score for the calls, and the general call quality score.

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