Call History

Call History

Track Historic Call Activity for your Contacts

Call Recordings for all the communications with the Contact

Screen Pop with CRM data on Inbound Calls

Add Notes and Modify Contact while on the call

With Nectar Desk, contact history including each guest’s name can be accessed prior to noting the telephone. This data incorporates every single past call, bolster demands, messages, visits, buys and notes.

The information is aggregated from the greater part of your incorporated business instruments with the goal that you have an overall idea of the guest. Using this relevant guest information, each client can get access to a well-versed and customized administration experience.

Contact Phone History Gem

Nectar Desk incorporates extensive client information such as call logs, bolster tickets, CRM cases, visit transcripts and web based business buys into each contact’s “Action” tab continuously. There are more contact options, for example, you can see your phone history with Nectar Desk.

With this data, you have all the required information to tweak responses and deal with all types of things the client wants like cooperating with each individual client preferences. You will have each and every record of phone call history. With the call history of mobile number, Nectar Desk is a contact history powerhouse.

Caller ID Check

Nectar Desk empowers you to have up-to-date and verifiable data on your guests before you pick up your telephone. The ability to utilize this information or allude to past associations will make sure guests won’t need to invest energy in rehashing data. This element can be great for your organization to show that you care about each client encounter and, in this manner, increment your consumer loyalty and dedication.

Call History of Mobile Number

You can see and dissect all call details of the caller, you can also see cell phone call history and call details of the mobile number, making phone call history extremely useful for operations.