Use Nectar Desk as a Bitrix24 alternative

Price Comparision for Standard Plan

12 X $99 = $990


Nectar Desk
12 X $50 = $600


Save at least $588 yearly!

Use Nectar Desk as Britix24 alternative


We support all teams, be it one agent or over one hundred. No matter how large or small your team is, we guarantee you our top level of software performance as well as access to features you will be delighted with

Nectar Desk


Price  from $29/user/mo $99/user/mo
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Advanced Agent Analytics    
Custom Fields  

Nectar Desk can be a great alternative to Bitrix24. Our cloud-based software will provide you with everything Butrix24 gives you and even more. All you need to do is to fill out a simple form and you are up and running. There are all the standard features included in Five such as an IVR system, CRM, call monitoring, automated dialer, as well as advanced agent analytics to manage agent performance. Moreover, we offer additional tools for Custom fields, WhatsApp and Facebook Messaging to keep in touch with much more prospects. You can easily integrate your account with Zoho, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Salesflare, amoCRM, Pipedrive, Shopify, Vonigo, Salesforce, or Zingtree. These integrations are really helpful for the efficient working performance of your agents.

Our solution enhances handling calls, responding to emails, SMS, and live chat from one single place. There is no need to install or download anything. You get handy tools for working just in a few clicks. It becomes easy as ABC to create a Nectar Desk account and connect to your users with our software globally due to our Facebook integration and WhatsApp Business solution. You get convenient built-in tools such as automatic messages, templates, internal notes, and so on. It becomes possible to perform live chat messaging with your customers even without a website. Agents will assist customers across multiple channels and respond to messages directly from one single platform. There is no need to switch between different tabs.

Nectar Desk’s analytics dashboard lets you know when call volumes are at their highest and when you need to augment your staff. . This way you can make sound operational decisions about staffing, and call processes in a short amount of time. Call center management software with analytics is hard to come by and gives you a great alternative to Betrix24. The best thing is that you will get a fully-functioning call center with an intuitive interface immediately after paying your plan. We do not charge for additional features and have reasonable pricing. Being a great call center software, Nectar Desk will be able to crucially reduce costs for inbound calling and outbound calling. Nectar Desk’s full set of features gives you what you need to operate your call center, but its analytics will take your business to the next level. It is high time to save thousands of dollars by signing up for Nectar Desk, the best of all call center phone systems on the market.

Nectar Desk Price Comparison


No matter how large or small your team is, be it one agent or over one hundred you can take advantage of all the features in our solution.

Nectar Desk Call Center Software in the Cloud gives you access to all the great features immediately in your account after payment for your account. The price starts at $50.00 per agent monthly. There is an option to add as many agents as you need. 

Nectar Desk has special offers for our clients! You can have up to 20% off and save hundreds of dollars if you choose bills for 3/6/12 months. 

Additionally, you can buy free minutes/SMS for North America (+ $50/month) and the United Kingdom (+ $80/month). Inbound Toll-Free minutes will be paid extra due to fair usage policy applies. Nectar Desk also charges individually per minute/message. You can see prices here.

So, once you paid for your plan, you unblock the whole set of great Nectar Desk features including:

  • Fully-functioning Call Center 
  • Business SMS 
  • Live Chat 
  • Ticketing system 
  • WhatsApp/Facebook 
  • Messaging 
  • Preview Dialer 
  • Integrations and click-to-call
Nectar Desk pricing

Here you can find much more tools for your call center management such as CRM, Queues, Business Hours, Activities, and so on. Explore Nectar Desk Features and deliver an impeccable customer experience!

Whatsapp Messaging 

Add new possibilities to your Nectar Desk account with our WhatsApp Integration.

WhatsApp Messaging is a great way to send promotions, offers, and campaigns. You can integrate your business WhatsApp account in a few clicks. There is an avalanche of handy tools like automatic messages, templates, and internal notes.  

Our Integration with WhatsApp allows handling your conversations directly from the Nectar Desk account. You will get the possibility to have calls, SMS, email, and other functionality at hand. This built-in option can enhance the global connection to millions of users. Nectar Desk features will help you to provide high-quality customer support to your clients.

It is possible to start a free trial or to request a demo just in a few clicks.

Nectar Desk Integrations


Being a reliable Bitrix24 alternative, we offer you a great variety of integrations in order to get everything you need and make the most of up-to-date CRM solutions.

Housing Associations

Nectar Desk client’s testimonials


We are, and we allways will be, small enough to care but big enough to provide you with a solid and feature-rich customer care sollution. Over one hundred clients trusted NectarDesk with their Cloud Call Centre. Join them

About 30% of our business comes from over the phone, so Call Center Software plays a crucial role in our operations. Our agents are located in 3 different countries, so monitoring and quality control was not an easy task until we switched to Nectar Desk. Now it doesn’t matter whether you have your team next to you or they are thousands of miles away
rylo-1 Nasir Khan
We are a global SAAS business with clients and employees across the globe. Nectar Desk enabled us to manage all phone-related operations under one hood. When we first saw that you can buy a local or toll-free number in 5 seconds we couldn’t believe it. We are a very happy client and suggest for everyone to move their call operations to Nectar Desk
Kyle Stone
Partizan Cloud