Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to integrate Nectar Desk with ZOHO CRM:

                           STEP 1. Get Client ID and Client Secret

  1. Go to Zoho Developer Console.
    Use this link to get your Zoho OAuth credentials.
  2. Choose a client type: SELF CLIENT > Create Now.

  1. You will receive the following credentials:
  • Client ID: The consumer key generated from the connected app.
  • Client Secret: The consumer secret generated from the connected app.


 Step 2: Get Grant Token

  1. Click the Generate Code tab and enter the following:



Time Duration:

10 minutes

Scope Description: 



2. Click CREATE:


STEP 3. Get Access Token and Refresh Token

Please follow the steps in this article :

Or contact [email protected] to request assistance.

Please provide our support team with CLIENT ID, CLIENT SECRET, and Generated CODE.

STEP 4. Configure Webhooks

  1.  Login to your Zoho account > Settings > Choose Actions under Automations:

  2. Click on Webhooks > Configure Webhook:
  3. Please enter the following to configure Webhook properly:

Name: Nectar Desk Webhook

URL to Notify: {nectardesk_portal_url}/api/zoho/customer/import 

                        URL of your ND account

Method: Post

Module: Choose CONTACTS

Under Date Time Parameter: Choose UTC


Parameter Name: Nectar Desk

Parameter Value: {“Phone”: “${Contacts.Phone}”, “id”:”${Contacts.Contact Id}”,”First_Name”:”${Contacts.First Name}”,”Last_Name”:”${Contacts.Last Name}”,”Created_Time”:”${Contacts.Created Time}”,”Email”:”${Contacts.Email}”} 

And hit SAVE.

 STEP 5. COPY and PASTE Organisation ID

You may find your Organisation ID in the URL of your ZOHO Account:


  STEP 6. Integration Settings in Nectar Desk

  1. Please make sure that all the required fields in your Nectar account are filled in:

Account URL: (make sure of domain specific URL; .eu, .in,’)

2. Click on NEXT and Enable/ Disable Integration functions according to required workflow:


And don’t forget to save changes 🙂

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Lera Dupliychuk