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Use Your Own IP/Soft Phone

 Away from your desk? Make and receive calls using your smart phone

 We support all makes and models for modern Soft and IP phones

Instead of relying on other computer networks and service providers, use your own IP call center phone system. This is an ideal choice if you own or work for a small-to-medium organization.

Also known as a softphone, Nectar Desk IP softphone call center help you in a number of ways.

VoIP Softphone with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important aspects to consider when starting or running any business with an established customer base. Your own soft phone system can assist you in maintaining a good CRM.

Along with the bunch of available computer methods, you will be able to elevate your company to better standards with a development of independent IP phones and a good Customer Relationship Management system.

VoIP Softphone Revenue

Having independent softphones also helps you and your company benefit from a rise in sales revenue. If your IP softphones are of quality and meet the criteria for a good system, your business will definitely make a lot out of it, both in terms of performance and profitability.


Installing a VoIP softphone is relatively easy. It is also maintainable and requires less servicing. A simple configuration will do all the work for you. A pretty, user-friendly interface lets you and your employees work with ease, freeing them from all the hassle and trouble with badly designed systems.

VoIP Softphone Cost

Subscribing to the Nectar Desk VoIP softphone service is a financially friendly option. A simple package, comprising of all basic functions and services, will cost you less than ten dollars a month. Even the premiums do not set you back much. Most of them are priced fewer than 25 dollars a month.

Soft Phone System Integration

The majority of soft phone systems are easily compatible with call center related computer programs, CRM software like Dynamics, billing applications, etc. Even if you have an existing soft phone system, most of your contacts and other data can be synchronized so you do not have to go through the trouble again. You can effortlessly browse through your new system as everything is integrated.

Voice Capability

This is an excellent feature as well as an important criterion for a good Nectar Desk IP call center soft phone system. These configurations require a seamless transfer of voices for good and effective communication, with the least possible amounts of noise and distortion. The connectivity is also smoother than traditional telephone systems.