Caller ID Masking

Caller ID Masking

 Show your Caller ID without porting number to Nectar Desk

 Keep your number hidden

IDS Call Center

We, here at Nectar Desk, work with the philosophy of simplifying things to everyone, including call center agents, administrators, and most importantly, our clients and customers.

The information you get from the phone number identifier is simple and easy to understand. Call ID is a basic feature of telephone systems that gives you area codes, phone numbers, and location of the one calling the company.

How IDS Call Center works

Nectar Desk Caller ID relies on phone number identification technology of a specific geographic location. It sends a distinct code related to the number via digital, multi-frequency tones to track the phone id. It is basically a phone number identifier.

Phone Number Identification Use

One of the most helpful tools in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Caller ID Masking is particularly useful in three stages of customer interaction. Before the interaction, callers are identified, routed, and masked inside the IDs call center.

During the interaction, auto screen pops and CTIs help provide a better experience to callers. After the interaction, new numbers related to the caller are acquired and saved in the database and CRM software of the call center.

IDS Call Center Optimization

As the technology is only good as the outcome it provides, you will need to maximize the use and efficiency of call id masking. Update your databases regularly. Remove unnecessary data to have more storage options.

Follow up and be up-to-date with your clients and customers. Record all their personal numbers. Use call center software and other business applications to automatically update your clients’ information and synchronize them with your computer.

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