local presence

Local Presence Dialing

Dynamically Selects your Caller ID based on destination number

Only works with your numbers inventory to avoid calls be marked as “Spam”

Increases your Answer rate by 400%

Local Presence is a feature specifically designed for our Sales Oriented users, to help them reach higher productivity and to have more successful – answered call.

It’s proven by researchers that people are not willing to answer calls from unknown Toll Free numbers or from area codes outside of their home town or state. Thats when dialing with Local Presence comes to help – We will dynamically replace your default Caller ID with the Phone number from your inventory which matches destination phone number.

Local Presence is available through all major types of dialing in Nectar Desk – Manual, Extension, Preview and Auto.


Unique Phone Numbers Only

You dont want your calls to show up on recipient’s phones as “Spam” by that reason Nectar Desk only works with unique DIDs (Phone Numbers) for each account. When you roll in to Local Presence feature you have a choice to buy particular Phone numbers for city, state or all 500 area codes to cover all USA and Canada

Routing –>> Contact Owner

If sales agent making outbound call to the contact, its automatically marking this agent as a Contact Owner. There is an option available which will automatically route callbacks and return calls directly to the Contact owner to avoid unnecessary wait times and transfers between agents

International Support

Local Presence is hugely popular within United States and Canada, however we are glad to offer this option for clients Internationally. Especially we noticed huge improvements in Answer rate in United Kingdom and Australia.

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