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Release 4.2.0

Introducing Release 4.2.0! This update brings exciting improvements and options to Nectar Desk.


Nectar Desk is excited to announce the new Release 3.9.0! We’ve added great new features. Additionally, there are significant improvements to existing features to provide better functionality and usability across the platform. Nectar Desk always strives to meet your needs and provide you with the best tools for effective communication and customer engagement.

So, let’s take a look at our updates:

  • Integration Hub Tab;
  • Extensions Redesign;
  • General Settings Redesign;
  • New Option for Notifications;
  • Live Chat Widget Setting;
  • New Option for Calling Campaigns.

Integration Hub Tab

An admin of the Nectar Desk account can see the Integration Hub tab. It allows install and manage popular integrations easily. With this feature, you can quickly connect your Nectar Desk account with CRM systems, email platforms, and more. Everything is from one single place. Admins can access the Integration Hub Tab directly from their dashboard. So, it becomes easier to increase the functionality of your Nectar Desk account.

Nectar Desk release

Extensions Redesign

The new interface of Extensions has a more intuitive interface. You will find a convenient “Add Extension” button. It allows you to quickly browse and install them. Additionally, you can view a comprehensive list of all your installed extensions. Therefore, easily edit them to suit your specific needs. This redesign simplifies workflow and allows manage extensions easily.

Nectar Desk release

General Settings Redesign

We have added a left menu for better navigation. Therefore, access separate sections within the settings easily. Each section is well organized to find and adjust the settings you need. Additionally, each of them now includes a “Save” button. It allows change settings and saves them individually.

Nectar Desk release

New Option for Notifications

Now, you have the ability to set up your notification preferences as you wish. One of the new features includes the option to “Mute sound notification for incoming messages.” This update allows you to disable sound specifically for incoming messages. So, you won’t be uninterrupted at any time. This update provides greater control over message notifications and helps you to stay focused.

Nectar Desk release

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Live Chat Widget Setting

The new update has the option to choose either the left or right side for the Live Chat widget button. It is designed for your convenience. This flexibility provides comfortable integration of the widget into your user interface. 

Nectar Desk release

New Option for Calling Campaigns

Now, admins can turn on the option “Access Campain Reports” in Permission settings. As a result, supervisors will get access to campaign reports. They will be able to see comprehensive reports and track all calling campaigns. This update helps to keep an eye on important metrics and make informed decisions.

Nectar Desk release

The Nectar Desk team is dedicated to providing you with the best tools and support to optimize your workflow and boost productivity. Your feedback is, also, valuable to us, as it helps us meet your specific needs.

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